Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gloria J Zucaro's Christmas Card "Already!?"

20"H x 16"W on Utrecht Linen Panel
$100.00 Unframed $10.00 S&H

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 I painted Santa from life in a portrait class.  His real name(don't tell the kids!) is Rich.  He is tall and thin and has a wonderful smile.  Santa was wearing his Santa hat but had a green or blue flannel shirt on in November, when this was painted.  As some of you might know, when you paint a human from life, the sitting is about 3 hours long with 5 minute breaks every 20 minutes.  Well, when you are sitting and staring at something across the room on the wall for three hours, you are not going to be holding a smile!  I also exaggerated the creases and lines.  I love the way it seems that Santa is already tired when he thinks about all that needs to be done before Christmas Eve. We all know that feeling.  I had this painting made into postcards for Christmas and had "Already!?" printed down along the bottom.  I wish all my friends at Paint Party Friday, and at The Daily Paintworks and Contemporary Fine Art International a Merry Christmas.

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