Saturday, July 28, 2012

Roses from Dad's

Roses from Dad's 8"x10" acrylic on canvas board by Maryann Leake Colorado Contemporary Artist I stole these wild roses from Dad's front porch. I am painting roses now. Next I paint Molly Maryann's gift of roses to me.. wish me luck. Dad was not too happy.

Friday, July 27, 2012

TWICE AS MANY by Dottie Martz dottiefromvirginia


Just off my easel....had to show it.  Fun to paint!

Pewter and Newspaper by Maryann Leake Colorado Contemporary Artist

Newspaper and Pewter by Maryann Leake Oil painting 8"x10" on panel $95.00 contact artist for purchase. My sister Terry owned this beautiful pewter piece I coveted for years and she did not know my eye for it. I was trying to be virtuous. She had it high in her book shelf.One day she just handed to me as she cleared out her shelf to reflect a less cluttered look." want it ? I don't like it.." goes to show you. If I stole it earlier I would have done her a that the lesson?

THE MAGNOLIA GIFT by Dottie Martz dottiefromvirginia

Original oil on 6x6 panel                        website:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Humble Flower oil painting still life by Maryann Leake colorado artist

oil painting on panel 11"x 14" $175.00 contact artist for purchase I love these flowers. My little Jojo and Molly refreshed my eyes to how sweet they are. These were a gift from them.. The blue and white bowl is my favorite bowl to paint.. I had an arrangement in it for a Sunday service at church and the pastor's wife nearly took it home! I almost had her in a headlock to get her hands off it... is that wrong?

Cup and Saucer Still Life Kitchen Art

Cup and Saucer Kitchen Art Still Life Original Oil Painting by Diana White

 8 x 10 inches on artist board

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REFLECTIVE TEA, by Dottie Martz, dottiefromvirginia

Original oil on 8x10 canvas panel                          website:

This is the final (I hope) posting of this set-up.  My personal critic (my daughter Carol) mentioned that the flowers had more detail than the teapot so I  had to add blue on the bottom of the teapot.

Truly, when I looked at my set-up and the reflections...I ONLY saw the blue.  I admit, though it does look better with more detail.  If one side is detailed...the other HAS to be too.

I like painting is a challenge...and we can use that old  "artistic license"!

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1595 In The Same Family

6" x 8" oil on panel, to be framed
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Peter's Rose: Floral Still life by Virginia Fine Artist Cathyann Burgess

Peter's Rose©2012C.L.Burgess  8x6 oil on panel 

My friend and neighbor Peter, a native Brit, is a medical doctor, in whom I have come to entrust my care after my insidious bouts with hornets. He is also a birder, dog lover and avid gardener who loves art. So much so, that he even made a trip to see my pooch art in MD while he was there for his daughter's wedding last week!
Whenever Peter visits us, or just if the mood strikes he brings flowers from his garden. This is one of the most delicate little roses I have ever been given. The last painting I did of peonies, was a gift from Peter. Which I promptly returned in kind, by painting a small impromtu alla prima painting for him. I think someday I may have to publish a book of the paintings I do from his lovely gifts. The generosity in spirit of giving flowers to enjoy is always graciously and happily received by this artist.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cupcake Chocolate Frosted Original Oil Painting 

By Diana White

 6 x 7 inches on Artist Board

   Kitchen Art   

THE BREAKFAST CUP by Dottie Martz, dottiefromvirginia

Original still life oil on 8x10 panel                    website:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tracy Wall -- "Granny Waits"

Granny Waits
12" x 9"
oil on panel
©2012 Tracy Wall

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Tracy Wall is a Daily Painter of Colorado!

1583 Stilton and Friends

8" x 16" - 20.3 x 40.6 cms. oil on panel

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Daisies II "

by Hye Y. Coh, California Fine Artist

4"x4", oil on gessobord

This painting took little longer than "Dasies I". There was a little commotion between the yellow daisy and the white flower in front.
I had to calm them down by acknowledging both are queens. One is a queen of England, the other, queen of Scotland.

$40 free SH
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Daisies I "

by Hye Y. Coh, California Fine Artist

4"x4", oil on gessobord

I must like flowers.
Painting flowers on the small panel is so much "FUN"!
No feeling of burden to do good job..And the result is so pleasant..... 
 like cool breeze in the summer evening.

They are like little tiles. I'd like fill up the whole wall with them.

$40 free SH
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DELFT & RED CARNATIONS by Dottie Martz, dottiefromvirginia