Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Copper Pot and Oranges

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Copper Pot and Oranges"
9" x 12"
Pastel on Uart pastel paper
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Kitchenware Still Life and a studio visit

A Cook's Night©2012 C.L.Burgess 
8x6 oil on canvas panel

I recently had a visit from a former student of mine, who brought a friend over to meet me, and spend an evening drawing with me. 
It is so good to see the young men I used to teach all grown up and making their way into the world as adults. This particular evening he wanted to "just hang out" drawing with me and his friend revisiting the "old days" with Mrs. B.
I had fun teaching again since his friend wasn't an artist, and asked good questions. This is the set up I used.
I kept it simple in form and color. I got to draw ahead of the visit, then while they drew and I "observed", I painted this small work above and then we "played with pastels" and redrew larger what they began in pencil. I think we all had some quality time together.
What a fun beginning to 2012 in my studio. It was an "A+" experience.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tracy Wall - "Limes 7"

Limes 7
20" x 20"
oil on panel
©2011 Tracy Wall

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Gloria J Zucaro's "Wishful Thinking"

8"H x 8"W  Original Oil on Panel
Unframed $75.00/ $7.00 S&H

It has turned completely frigid and prospects of 4 to 8 inches of snow loom ahead.  Although I love to have cool sleeping conditions and love the four seasons, it is usually around this time of year that I really appreciate the thought of 70 degree temperatures with a slight warm breeze and sunny skies.  I saw these flowers near a weathered chair and vintage rusted car in Door County Wisconsin last July.  Take me there oh my imagination!  This is my Paint Party Friday entry for this week.  Happy PPF!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

1498 Beautiful Trio by Diana Marshall

11" x 14" oil on panel, framed available to purchase here

Egret b y Diana White

18 x 24 inches stretched canvas   www.dianawhite.com

Gloria J Zucaro's "Colorized Peacock"

                                                     5"H x 7"L Original Mixed Media Design
This is my final version of my thank you card to my daughter Faye and her family for the Christmas presents they gave to me.  A necklace and earrings, a journal and note cards all with a peacock motif were my lovely gifts this year.  I used ink pen and some metallic gel markers on watercolor card stock to make my artwork.  I think she will really like it, I do! :-)  Below is the card before I added color.  I would be interested to know which version you prefer.  Market research for future projects ya know!

Gloria J Zucaro's "Pokey's Pals"

8"H x 8"W Original oil on Panel
$75.00 Unframed/ $90.00 Framed


I had a lot of fun with this Daily Paintworks challenge because as you may have noticed, I love the color orange!  Apparently the designers have designated "Tangerine Tango" as the color of the year.  Our challenge was to paint a picture with the color of the year predominant.    My friend Ann Feldman beat me to the orange vegetables, so I raided my grandsons' toy box in my basement.  I kept calling "Pokey" " Gumby", until someone reminded me that "Gumby" is a little green rubber man, and this is his horse" Pokey"!  The fire truck is broken with its' ladder missing, but "what the hey"!  I like the weird little cross-eyed ball, too.

Below is a photo of "the beginning", my value study and start of putting in color.

A Spray of Mandevilla by Dottie Martz

I love this flower, it is so delicate and colorful. My plants are thriving and I prune them by cutting some to paint. Thi is oil on linen panel 11x14. To see more of my work: dottiemartz.com

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Vase Mason'", a 12x9 original still life pastel by western Colorado artist, Barbara Churchley

Flowers are always a joy to paint, and an artist learns so much from observing the colors and shapes of the flowers in the arrangements. This pastel is sold; to view more of my work, please visit my website at http://www.barbarachurchley.com or e-mail me at barbara@barbarachurchley.com.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

'Amaryllis' - 5"x7" Original Oil Floral Still Life by New York Fine Artist Maryann Lucas

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The challenge this week from Daily Paintworks was to use "Tangerine Tango," named by the Pantone Company to be THE color of 2012. In truth, I have no idea what the Pantone Company is, nor do I own "Tangerine Tango" as a tube of paint. I did, however, make the color mixing cadmium orange and cadmium red. It just so happened that I had this amaryllis in full bloom on my kitchen table. To my eye, it is this color exactly - beautiful and powerful.

Tracy Wall - "On a Roll 3"

On a Roll 3

12" x 12"
oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
©2011 Tracy Wall

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my website: www.TracyWall.com or
my blog: www.TracyWall.wordpress.com or
my Facebook fan page: Facebook: Tracy Wall.Artist

Tracy Wall is a member of Still Life Artists International!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yellow and Pink by Colleen Sanchez

Original Watercolor by Colleen Sanchez


"YELLOW ROSES" by Dottie Martz

Oil painting, 11x14 canvas. I love yellow roses. This was my first yellow roses...I had always painted red or pink! To see more of my paintings: dottiemartz.com

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Lucy's Box of Socks"

                                           5"H x7"W Original Ink Design on Watercolor Cardstock

I spent an enjoyable evening preparing this "Thank You" card for my daughter Lucy and Grandson Alex to thank them for the Christmas gifts they gave me.  One of their gifts to me was a big box of all kinds of socks.  Some were black and some were white.  But there were also Christmas socks, socks with polka dots, socks with hearts, socks with penguins,socks with diamonds,socks with kites,socks with rainbows,socks with cupcakes,socks with polar bears,socks with cherries.  A whole lot of really fun socks!  I had told her I needed socks when she asked what I would like for Christmas...what a great surprise, a great big box of socks! 
Designs inspired by Zentangles.

This is my entry for Paint Party Friday.  Happy PPF.

Mom's Teapot by Trudy Beard-Lazaroe

Blue Pot with Tangerines by Trudy Beard-Lazaroe

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012



21 X 14



Gloria J Zucaro's "Green Plate & Ham"

6"H x 8"W Original Oil on Stretched Canvas
$75.00  Staple-free sides painted black.  May be hung with or without frame.

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The Daily Paintworks Challenge for the week of January 8- 14 is to paint a picture of your breakfast.  Well, this was not my breakfast because I couldn't cook in the studio!  I actually had 2 slices of bacon, two fried eggs, and a healthy juiced fruit and vegetable combo that was made from 1 beet, 1 carrot, 1 apple, 1 orange and a one inch square of fresh ginger.  Oh, not to forget the large cup of Colombian coffee  "straight"! I haven't posted for a week because my children celebrated Christmas with me on the 7th. of January.  I was busy last week with some extra shopping and wrapping, and preparing or picking up food for the weekend.  So the ham in this picture is part of a Honeybaked ham we had.  I still have too much leftover, even though they each took some home.  Ham anybody?! I painted this over a previously used canvas.  I have photos of the canvas and my value study on my blog         www.gloriajzucaro.blogspot.com 

POTPORRI by Dottie Martz 12X16 oil on linen panel


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Butterfly Apples"

91/8"H x 113/4"W Original Pastel on Sanded Paper
$125.00 Unframed

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I love stacking things and making off-kilter arrangements.  I had decided on flowers and fruit, but it needed something, so I added the butterfly.

Red Winged Blackbird original painting by Trudy Beard-Lazaroe

Monday, January 2, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Purple Apple,Blue Orange,Green Lemon"

6"H x 6"W Original Oil on Canvas Panel
$65.00 Unframed $5.00 S&H

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This weeks challenge from the Daily Paintworks site is called "Change the Color!"  My original and actual colors were red apple, yellow lemon and an orange orange.  The soup bowl is actually shades of teal,blue/ green, & purple.  This was hard but fun!  I did the value study over my first panel with the four 10 minute pumpkin paintings on it that I had done for that challenge in October.   The colors underneath were orange, yellow and blue/green.  It made it a little confusing when I started my value study and painting, but once I got in most of the basic colors it felt better.

Sunday, January 1, 2012