Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kitchenware Still Life and a studio visit

A Cook's Night©2012 C.L.Burgess 
8x6 oil on canvas panel

I recently had a visit from a former student of mine, who brought a friend over to meet me, and spend an evening drawing with me. 
It is so good to see the young men I used to teach all grown up and making their way into the world as adults. This particular evening he wanted to "just hang out" drawing with me and his friend revisiting the "old days" with Mrs. B.
I had fun teaching again since his friend wasn't an artist, and asked good questions. This is the set up I used.
I kept it simple in form and color. I got to draw ahead of the visit, then while they drew and I "observed", I painted this small work above and then we "played with pastels" and redrew larger what they began in pencil. I think we all had some quality time together.
What a fun beginning to 2012 in my studio. It was an "A+" experience.

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