Friday, March 9, 2012

Color Me Roses

Today is perfect for a jar of roses. Lest you think that every post will be a $600 ostrich, let me put you at ease.

I am embarking on a series of “Happy Squares”. Each gallery wrapped square is ready for hanging and can be yours for $99, shipping included.

These squares are designed to give you a brief happy moment, perhaps a smile as you walk by.
Sometimes it will be a floral. Sometimes it may be a starfish or a crab across the sand. Such are the delights that God has blessed us with. So often we overlook what He has done.

I love painting these little florals. My eyebrows raise in delight as I move the colors around on the canvas. I find myself smiling as I add a bright magenta onto a wall or cup, then highlight those blossoms with white.

Hope you have a delightful day.

Flowers and Coffee. What could be better than that? Another 12x12 Happy Square. Gallery wrapped, ready to hang. $99. Free shipping.

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