Thursday, August 2, 2012

FRENCH POTTERY by Dottie Martz, dottiefromvirginia

Original oil on 9x q122 linen panel     website:

I found these small pieces of pottery in France and luckily, they made the trip home!  I just knew I would open the package and find broken pieces..but, I didn't. 

The sunflowers were in a metal tin and something else was needed...and I added the pottery.  The triangle composition is one of my favorites.   I almost always try to paint with the light source from the that is the way we read...left to right.  Not to say that that is the only is just what I was taught and I like to do.  Isn't that the way most of art is...?

Please check out my website...I. have been overflowing it with all of my daily paintings.

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